How To: Face smash a sleeping roommate

Face smash a sleeping roommate

Face, meet table. Another great practical joke video by PrankVote where they attack Ernie in his sleep. Find your sleeping friend, place a small table over his sleeping face and blow an air horn in his ear. Be assured this will result in a very angry and delusional roommate. However this is a great way to pull a face smash practical joke on any sleeping roomate. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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Made my laugh very hard! Nice!

I prefer hammering nails through the table, so there is something a bit more spiky to deal with.


Stupid and funny. I would seriously get up and punch you hard though.

:L hilarious

good one

thats fukin leg!!!! 5 stars


I pity da fool play dat prank on me! HRRGH!!

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