How To: Embed floss into your neck with this prank

Embed floss into your neck with this prank

You can scare the hell out of your friends with the neat trick, or you can use it in your next horror-filled independent movie, to scare the hell out of your viewers. Watch this prank video tutorial to learn how to embed floss into your neck.

This could be considered a magic trick, but it's more of a prank or special effect. It creates the illusion, that when you rub dental floss around your neck (like you're cutting yourself), it gets stuck in your neck, like slashing your throat type stuff. It's a really cool gag and effect.

First, you'll need to put some glue (from a glue stick) on your neck, clean it up so it blends in well with your neck, get some dental floss, and cut (floss) your neck.

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this is insane!!!

Hah that's pretty cool!

cool. i saw that criss angel guy do that and wanted to try it, i just didnt know how until now. thx. cool vid

Yo man, that's my video from class 3 years ago! Why wasn't I informed this would be brought here, haha.

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