How To: Change the hold music on the company phone system

Change the hold music on the company phone system

Changing the hold music piped into your company phone is a prank some callers will appreciate—depending on what you replace it with.

You Will Need
* A set of cojones
* Access to the radio that feeds the company telephones

Step 1: Access the radio
Access the radio that feeds the company telephones. It is located next to the PBX box that controls the radio.

Step 2: Change the station
Change the station to something controversial, like a shock jock, an evangelical preacher, rap music, or a heavy-metal station.

If you want to keep your job, don't pick anything _too_ offensive.

Step 3: Enjoy the fallout
Enjoy the brouhaha that ensues after one of the company executives hears from a disgruntled client.

Fact: A group called Pipedown International persuaded London's Gatwick Airport to stop playing piped "elevator music" after their survey revealed that more people dislike it than like it.

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