How To: Build a portable stink pen

Build a portable stink pen

In this how-to video, Kipkay shows you how to build a portable stink pen and you need a cheap pen, a bobby pin, and matches. Take apart the pen, save the spring, put the bobby pin through the center of the pen, and bend the edge of the bobby pin. Pull the pin back to fire and create one gross smell. Watch this video pranking tutorial and learn how to build a portable stink pen for practical jokes. Use this as inspiration for one of your April Fools Day pranks!

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I have to try this to see if it really stinks. I mean, is it just the match that we are smelling? What the heck!?


Even better! Put some old hair or other gross things inside the pen...that stinks!

where can you buy "strike anywhere matches"?

burning matches smell good to me i would have to do the human hair thing

were do i get strike anywere matches

where can these matches be obtained?

Strike anywhere matches can be found many places just ask a clerk or something.

good cool stuff

I love the smell of matches like that guy said put stinky stuff in there.

Im gonna do that on the bus on the last day of school and in class.

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