How To: Build the fake door wall roommate prank

Build the fake door wall roommate prank

2 roommates play a prank on another roommate that is away, they build a wall over the door to his room. This is a long and arduous process that involves lots of sheet rock, spackle and tools. You essentially need to cover his doorway building a false wall that blends in with the rest of the wall. This makes it look as though the wall was never there.

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time and effort well spent and wtf? "i mean im not gonna kick it and like break my fist right?" LOL

it's not polite to talk while eating

hey man use one of the surgeon mask thingies
i guess that'll help

so weird the door was stil tere

lol "im not gonna kick it and break my fist right?"

Love the vid...

you have to admire the amount of effort. and that the victim was a good sport.

this was one of the best videos ive seen from Youtube. The editing was great and it was funny to boot. Very nice.

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