How To: 5 Cruel Pranks You Must Do on April Fools' Day! HOW To!

5 Cruel Pranks You Must Do on April Fools' Day! HOW To!

For the first prank you're going to need an empty container, preferably black, a smoke bomb and a lighter. I gotta say though this prank is not for just anybody so prank at your own risk. Let me show you how its done, first apply some hot glue on the bottom of the smoke bomb, then stick it inside the container.

This will keep the smoke bomb in place so it wont melt the container, Once dry carefully ignite the fuse but don't put the cap on right away because it might put out the fuse so time it correctly and then twist the cap on. When your victim opens it all the smoke will come out, though its not a lot it will definitely stink up the house. That's when the next prank comes into play.

If your victim cant take the smell from the first prank and wants to open up an air freshener like this one, here's how you can booby trap it. Once its half empty, flip it upside down and begin to fill it with fake blood but just enough so it doesn't over flow when you twist it shut. Wipe it down and put it back where it goes, your victim will be in for a bloody surprise when this air freshener is opened.

Here's a way you can embarrass your friend at school or one of your co workers at the office, these are the supplies you'll be needing. Begin by cutting open the fart bag, dump some of that stinky powder into a ziplock bag, mix some water into it and extract it with a plastic syringe but be quick about it because this stuff really stinks.

Have your victims pen handy and add a few drops of that stinky liquid inside the cap. Put the pen inside and if necessary clean it off. Leave the pen in your victims procession and when he or she uses it, all that smelly odor will be released into the air. Everyone around class or the office will notice where the stink is coming from. Some drops might actually fall onto your victims clothes so they'll be stuck with that smell on them all day. This is a fun April Fools' Day Prank.

Here's another way you can use a fart bag to prepare a prank, we're going to make some fake poop that will really stink, you'll need some peanut butter, chocolate fudge, wax paper and as I mentioned, a fart bag. Lay out a sheet of wax paper, on top put a spoonful of peanut butter and some chocolate fudge .

Take that sheet of wax paper and put it inside the microwave for about 10 seconds, While its hot, mix together until you have the desired color for your fake poop. Spread it around and put it inside the freezer. After about 5 to 10 minutes take it out. Cut open the fart bag and sprinkle some of the stinky powder on top.

Roll up the fake poop and mold it into any shape you want, if you do a good job at it will look very realistic, Since the stinky powder is covered by the peanut butter and fudge it wont stink until someone rubs on it or its smeared. find a place where to put it and the best place is, the doorknob behind a bathroom door… This prank works every time, believe me it wont let you down, your victims will actually think its crap.

Since you're already in the bathroom why not set up another prank, this time all you gotta do Is lift up the toilet lid and dumb a whole bag of ice inside, all the way to the very top. You might think this is pointless but think about it some more, if your victim is going in for his morning dump, he will have to take out all the ice to be able to flush.

This prank is enough to frustrate just about anyone and don't worry about damaging the toilet because the ice will eventually melt. And that's it 5 april fools day pranks you must try!

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