HowTo: Prank Your Co-Workers With Bloody Wounds

Prank Your Co-Workers With Bloody Wounds

The art of creating convincing wound makeup is certainly a veritable skill for Halloween and SFX, but what about pranks? Courtney Mault and Max Sparber's Halloween makeup tutorial reveals an interesting concept:

"Liquid latex rubber is great for wound makeup, large and small. Courtney likes to use it to create small flaps of skin for a skinned knuckle, which are convincing enough that when she occasionally wears her makeup to work as a prank, employers have insisted she seek first aid write a medical report, even after she has explained that her injury is just makeup."

Very clever. No need for fake blood and gore to be Halloween-exclusive… go ahead, embrace it all year round!

HowTo: Prank Your Co-Workers With Bloody Wounds

You Will Need:

  • Liquid latex
  • Colors
  • Fake blood
  • Paint brush
  • Stipple sponge
  • Toothpick

Click through to MAKE for the full tutorial.

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